City of Berem

Spider Side Quest

The heroes embark on a quest with a new member involved. The necromantic bard, Trindal, joins the hero’s quest because Terry was left in charge of the Town of Berem.

Trindal studied his music and powers at the College of Sorrow, learning how to make the dead dance and the living weep in a frosted fear.

The group leaves Berem because of the nagging feeling of being unwanted. True, they saved the city, but they also were fearsome in the eyes of those who didn’t understand what they faced. The dragonbourne, Salymar, was particularly terrifying once he returned from the wilderness with a jungle panther tamed at his side.

Soveliss learned that she was being inducted into her kingdom’s registry of royalty, officially announcing their intent to let her someday rule the elven kingdom. She now bears proudly the title of Warrior Princess but must continue her expedition to gain knowledge of the world and the expectations of a guardian.

True, the group had no idea where they were supposed to go, but being nearly kicked out of town was enough of a reason to leave the comfort of Berem.

Shortly after leaving they ran across a small village that seem to be plopped into the middle of a forest. A man, Vallant, stopped the adventurers on their way out of town and requested their help in defeating a force of spiders that has been growing at the forest’s edge.

Soveliss immediately took suspicion at the man’s request, not understanding why a villager wouldn’t be able to take care of the infestation by himself. Rather than instantly going into the forest and rampaging the spider’s nest, the group rented rooms from the small village and waited until evening.

During the day the adventurers investigated Vallant’s claims diligently. They learned that the only ones who seemed truly bothered by the spiders were men and women who had small tattoos of insects on their inner wrists. Children, however, seemed to think fondly of the spiders and claimed to play with the spiders in the evenings, even being brought gifts by the eight-legged beasts.

Trindal played music distractedly in order to gain a more comprehensive picture of the small village, trying to discern if there was malcontent from those requesting aid. He discovered that, yes, there were those watching the three adventurers fiercely.

Salymar approached such a man and intimidated the man into revealing why they were sent on a mission to murder innocent creatures. Rather than being allowed to respond to the dragonbourne’s demands, a fellow cult member cast an Insect Swarm spell that immediately forced the cultist’s disappearance from the questioning.

Once nighttime approached, the group noticed immediately that there indeed was a swarm of spiders that lingered at the village’s edge. Rather than attack, Salymar induced a spell in order to speak with the simple-minded arachnids and learned that they were Kind Spiders. Knowing that the spiders would never harm a good person unwillingly, they requested aid in purging the evil from the village that had taken root.

Unfortunately, the quest to dig out the evil in the village was met with agony. Upon finding out that there was a cult hiding in one of the homes, the team immediately murdered the entire cult of 6 and burned down a summoning shrine, consuming the entire house.

The heroes were confronted by a grieving widow of a man slaughtered and the entire village reacted the same. They had no idea a cult had taken root in their village and the heroes were at a loss on how to prove it to the mob that had formed in front of the burning home.

Relying upon their charisma to talk them out of an unprecedented pickle, they instead went to the spider’s nest in hopes of retrieving proof



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