City of Berem

Let the Obsession Commence!

Day two of playing with newbs

Terry, Soveliss, and Salymar begin the day in the monastery’s sleeping quarters, having rested for nearly an entire day with the exhaustion of discovering new realms and fighting through constant uncertainty.

Deciding on eating, the group heads for the cafeteria and begin a conversation with the gardener, not realizing that this is the leader in the monastery, Abredenyll (Brady). They discuss how the monastery has been a bit broken since the healer vanished a couple weeks ago. Tensions grow higher and then the group pulls the Spawning Stone from their pockets, requesting more information.

Recognizing it as a Spawning Stone and knowing the evils that it means, Brady immediately requests the group to leave. The doorkeeper and a small group of monks physically escort the adventurers outside, knowing that anyone who carries a Spawning Stone carries the will control of a Slaad nearby.

The group, kicking mud and wondering what to do next, has the doors slammed in their faces and move separately. Salymar grew tired of Soveliss and Terry arguing and left to find out more about the desperate state of the town. He walked into a tavern that was bustling with patrons, packed to the brim with drunkenness and all tended to by a small gnome on stilts.

Salymar found out that many have been dying today and it seems as though the undead walks again. People are drinking to their max because of claims of seeing those who should be long gone or who were buried in the fields weeks, months, even years ago.

Soveliss and Terry, upon deciding that the rock does, indeed, belong to Soveliss, finally leave the muddy courtyard in search of answers.

It seems as though the presence of the rock is far more important than the document (despite it literally having location coordinates on it).

Soveliss and Terry witness a funeral procession with what clearly looks like a child’s casket combined with a few larger ones. There were hundreds of onlookers walking in the procession all mourning in a tangible silence.

Salymar, unable to ethically pay for a drink, is asked to leave until he is ready to buy something and very shortly catches up to Soveliss and Terry. They decide that going to the Lord’s manor is the best decision but are instantly stopped by guardsmen. Declining any appointments, they arguing and speak with the adventurers until they find out that one has been attacked by a zombie. They instantly allow the adventurers inside.

Once inside, and after navigating heavy traps set both manually and by archers on the roof, the team is met by an old woman holding a single candle.

The woman is so old that her spine looks like it has completely twisted into a question mark, her accent indistinguishable but her ears pointed in proof of a life once outside the Lord’s manor.

She leads the group to a sitting room without lighting any candles and offers them tea and dainty sandwiches before meandering out the other side of the room. The small library is conducive to a lord but quaint enough for guests not to be overwhelmed. Between the globe and a heavy book of maps, Soveliss realizes that the coordinates that came with her rock point to a place nearby.

Deciding to explore the manor after a couple hours left in the sitting room, Soveliss and Salymar wander onto the stairwell with Soveliss falling through a rotting step into a dark cavern.

Terry walks room to room until he comes to a locked room, bursting through into a kitchen that is so thickly covered with dust that it is apparent to have not been used for many years. There is a barely hidden cellar door that reveals a small woman’s body curled on the floor. Terry quickly closes the cellar door and leaves as fast as he can.

Once out in the main hall, a giant chandelier snaps and begins to fall, nearly crushing Terry to death. The sound is loud and shocking in the near silent manor.

With panic in their hearts, Terry reuinites with Salymar and both jump in to be with Soveliss.

Soon, they begin walking and only Terry’s persistant vigilance allows him to see a trap in waiting. Instead of stepping onto what would have been like molten quicksand, they stop and stare at the place in the narrow cavern until movement begins.

The walls and floors begin to twist and turn, marbling and creaking until the narrow cavern transforms into a wide open cavern. Dozens of eyes bare down on the group with a single earthen being looming before them.

The earth elemental stands forty feel tall, ten feet wide and demands the adventurers to return from whence they came. Unaffected, the group demands to be let through.

Back and forth the less-than-intelligent giant argues that he cannot let them pass (as commanded by the delving gnomes) until the adventurers show them the Spawning Stone. A small creature squeaks “enough” at the back of the screeching cavern and a thousands avalanches fall and cave in on themselves to form the now-sturdy passageway the adventurers were familiar with.

A family of delving gnomes step forward, the paternal figure demanding to see the rock. Once he realizes it has no material use and is not worthy of financial gain, he feels obliged to take them to their home. The children, begging to speak with the strangers and drawn in by the odd appearance the the dragonborn, heckle their father until the group moves forward through the caverns.

After carving her initials into a Spectre and slicing off the transparent ear, the groups defends the gnomes from another undead and move forward into a small enclave of what looks like home to dozens of little humans.

They are brought to the treasury where an overly engorged gnome woman sits on a throne (and perhaps a little bit become part of it). Behind her lays thousnads of pounds of raw golds, silvers, and copper metals as well as ungroomed gems of varying sizes and colors.

The woman proves herself to be vain and drastically out of touch with her worth. Unbeknownst to her, she is not the queen but in fact is an exceptional alarm system that the gnomes have used for decades to find out if someone is stealing from them. Her shrieks of anger and frustration immediately alarm the entire enclave that there is a thief in their midst.

Salymar requests to speak with the Terran again after finding out that the gnomes and Terran have a pact of friendship. Instantly the obese queen calls for a Jimbo.

“Jimbo” (Jymbackney) is an earth elemental that keeps an eye on the gnomes, reporting back to their elemental gate and the holders frequently. He is incapable of answering many of the questions and instead decides to take the adventurers back to the elemental gate so that the Elders may answer their questions.

However, the adventurers chose to rest in the cavern where the elementals disappeared.



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