City of Berem

Making Progress in the Neighborhood!

Jimbo permits the adventurers to talk to the elders, learning as much about the spawning stone as they can from the Guardians. They learn that it controls the Slaad, that there is a Chaos gate opened and that Limbo is breaking the bands of the material plane to allow the undead to roam its lands.

The team is promised aid in the worthy cause of saving the Material plane and is lead to the cellar that the old elf woman lies curled up dead in. In the old elf’s hands (she had been dead for a number of years) is a note that was hastily scribed “Lord Kisarkel is missing, send aid.”

The team retrieves modernized mithril armor, appropriate for each hero except Salymar was not able to retrieve armored leggings.

Going upstairs revealed nothing new, but upon entering the second floor the group encountered corpses of different animals, including humans that revealed disgusting slaad tadpoles. After defeating the horrors, Terry was ambushed by two shadows taking refuge in an armoir.

The second floor seemed to be once an opulent thing, now deserted except for the remains of bedrooms and bathrooms that have been caved in because of a continuously running bath. The first bedroom was looted and revealed a few treasures for each adventurer.

The second room held a fairly untouched scene, even a treasure chest. Salymar, quickly seizing an opportunity for wealth, attempted to loot the chest only to be immediately bitten by a mimick!

The group banded together, quickly defeating the mimick and then lounged (short rested) in a small servant’s quarters.

The last bathroom had a bunch of ugly fish looking things that instantly tried (and failed) to assassinate Terry. The rest of the group uneventfully looted the last room and then headed upstairs.

At the top of the stairs is what appears to be a study (before it was completely trashed). Many of the books are about the history of Berem and guides pertaining to the Outer and Inner realms. A torn page containing a picture and notation about the Chaos Realm and how to track the Chaos creatures with the Spawning Stone.

When the team opens the door to the Lord’s Quarters, a fierce wind whips their clothes and hair about them, threatening to tear the weapons from their hands anad knock them over. Books, statues and broken furniture whip about the room in a contrained tornado of chaos. The smell of severe metallics assaults their noses and the sounds of crashing waves and rock avalanches threatens to deafen them, dotted with crashing sounds and the bright flashes of lightening and thunder.

In the center of the insanity is an oval, revealing the source of the chaos in what seems like a door to another realm.

Everyone knows enough, now, to recognize the world seem through the gate as Limbo, where Terry became trapped and it seems to be spilling into the Material Plane at their feet.

On the ground laid a scruffy dwarf who matches all that they’ve learned about the Healer. His life seems to be barely clinging to a body that’s been torn.

Standing at the portal’s entrance stands a Githyanki Warrior, gazing calmly into the gate that combines all the elements as though he longs to be inside.

“I sense Soveliss has arrived, he says.”

The team riles him into a fight.

The battle was quick, despite the disparagingly tough foe. The Githyanki was only about to slice Terry a few times before Soveliss, enraged by her group, her family, being threatened… completely decimated the foe in a slash of her shortsword and the brunt of her shield.
The Gate immediately closed once it’s creator was killed.

Once they were able to awaken the Healer, they learned all SORTS of things.

The Spawning Stone is unique to controlling a single Slaad, who just so happens to BE Hermy the Healer. He was transformed into a Slaad because of the carelessness of Kisarkel who is the son of the founder of Berem.
The Githyanki left two swords with his corpse, all claimed by Salymar who was able to discover that their psionic capabilities called to another army of Githyanki and could possibly harm the wielder.
The town has had no active Lord for at least 20 years, but somehow the townsfolk have not noticed.

Now the team understands they have been directed to close the portals, but FIRST THEY MUST CONQUER THE MATERIAL PLANE….




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