City of Berem

Good Old Fashioned Beginnings

Soveliss – Nicole’s High Elf fighter – Lived with her grandparents throughout her life and was taught the art of violence from her grandfather. He carried on the tradition of fighting by teaching her carefully and imbuing in her a dream of becoming a loyal royal guard for the elven community she thrived in. Her grandfather was exceptionally respected for his fighting style. She later in life fell in love with a lonesome dragon-borne where they chose a life of adventuring together rather than suffer alone.
Salymar Ridjbacht – Oliver’s Dragon-borne Ranger – Borne in a tribe of dragon-borne and he is the only remaining one left of his tribe. He was an infant when his tribe was killed off. He lived his early childhood in an orphanage where he then chose to runaway and live in caves. Later in life a woman wandered into his cave and coaxed him into a social life, and eventually one of romance.
Terry – Kyle’s half-orc rogue – Raised in a kingdom foreign to this campaign, he was only 9 years old when the Lord of (unrelated kingdom) assigned his father to what would become a fatal quest. Having no use for an assassin’s family (two brothers and his mother) were sold off to pay the lord’s gambling debt. Having never seen his family since the fateful date of being sold into slavery, he’s spent his life in servitude until he murdered the entire family that brutally raised him in captivity. Catching a boat to our kingdom, he lives a life quietly in the hopes of never being noticed and attunes his skills accordingly. He was picked up as a guide and friend by Soveliss and Salymar only recently, considering himself a third wheel in a party of three.

Awakened in the night by the sound of loud fighting between a man and a woman, the three adventurers quickly gather their gear. Terry rushes out of his small barracks room and immediately was greeted with silence and the sight of a small brown package in front of Soveliss’s door. Salymar and Terry bring the package to Soveliss and sliced it open (aggressively) with a shortsword, severing a paper image inside with coordinates and revealing a fist-sized green stone. It was polished and intentionally crafted to look generic.

The party leaves into the depths of the barracks to find where the screaming came from only to find that no one in the barracks are awake. They leave to go to the monastery to find out more information about the rock and it’s nondescript piece of torn paper.

After a tussel with the undead on one corner and threatening to fight four armed guards who seemed to be picking on a child, Terry took a shot to the side and left him unconscience. Salymar became convinced he could gather more information from the child and tried to calm him down. A dragon-bourne by birth, but a performer at heart, Sal began a sock puppet theater in an attempt to calm the youth. To no avail, the youth ran and Salymar’s arrow trailed after him, narrowly missing the child’s leg as he retreated around a corner.

Salymar carried Terry to the monastery’s gates and they waited for the monks to wake up and open the gates.

After waiting for the sun to rise, the couple and the unconscious half-orc walk into a courtyard filled with dishevelled mud. Hidden at the edges of the courtyard’s stone walls are men buried in the mud, hidden completely except for their faces, giving off the impression of a deep slumber.

Terry was placed in the mud to be kept safe until Salymar and Soveliss could figure out if the safety of the monastery was true.

Soveliss talked with a groundskeeper (Abredenyll aka Brady) and found the purpose of the monastery was to introduce men to the many realms and planes of the gods, traversed by the meditating monks spread in a circle in the courtyard.

Salymar found the library and discovered that the monks are terrified and searching desperately for an answer as to where their healer is. A dim-witted monk, Kisarkel, solemnly declares through the yes-no “blinking system” that the town/monastery’s healer is, in fact, NOT where he is supposed to be and it is because of another monk’s doing that he is missing. He asks Kisarkel to join him in their search for the healer to get to the bottom of what is happening in the monastery, and Kisarkel agrees to join the party and leaves the library without Jeff.

Terry came out of a deep coma, close to death, only to be dragged into the monk’s trance and fixated on Limbo, a realm of chaos and uncertainty. He spent what felt like a millenia trapped in the ever changing and never ending chaos of waves crashing, lightening striking, volcanoes errupting, earths being created and heavens being torn apart. The smell of metallics and ocean spray came in waves over his body, first burning hot with pain, cooled by ice, and having both searing moments of agony and blissful moments of wonder. Nothing in his vision was stationary, nothing stayed the same. There was no rhyme or reason to the timing of the days and nights, no seconds that could be relied on to continue one after another. The one certainty he noticed through eons of suffering through insantiy was a sphere that remained stationary in the sky. Many times it was obscured by the chaotic crashing of glass or explosions of melted lands but the place of the giant, planetary-like orb never changed. It’s colors were endlessly changing and it was never within reach, but it at least granted a peaceful moment of reliability in the realm of Limbo.

Terry gathered his will through a the centuries and finally pressed it upon the orb, commanding it to help him through the screams of an unknown mouth.

At the same moment, mere hours after laying Terry down in a thick layer of mud, Salymar collapses in the stairwell as a blood-curdling, ear splitting scream reverberates through his ears. Kisarkel stops in front of the open doorway to the monastery and stares out into the muddy courtyard, gaping at a behemouth of a half-orc that wreaks of maggoty death (from being tackled by a bloated zombie) and looks as though a mud monster had taken him over. Terry grabs the plain green stone from Salymar and shoves it in Kisarkel’s face, demanding to know from whence the stone came.

“I think I have made a terrible mistake” Kisarkel whispers in a horrified language that only the stone-bearer understands. He drops to the ground, his body dying instantly from what seems like shock.

The group reunites, sharing stories of only a half day of being apart, when an orc dressed in humble monk’s clothing leads the team up to a bath room where the natural formation of the mountain churns fresh water through a spout. Terry is forced to bathe in mountain water while everyone equally berates Jeff for not answering questions sufficiently enough.

Jeff throws his hands up in desperation and leaves, leaving the group to find whoever this “Brady” monk is. Meantime, they finally take the time to examine the sliced paper that was delivered with the stone. There are distinct coordinates written with very poor handwriting in the top right corner and the image has been scratched into the paper. The image faintly resembles a star chart that has been laid over a topographical map. There are several words written through the map but only two are of the same language (dwarven). All of the words mean the same thing although children have given him different titles through the eons.

The map labels the indistinct stars as a boogeyman.

And now, our ‘heroes’ rest.



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