City of Berem

A Waking Nightmare

The group heads back to Berem, greeted again with hesitant voices and worried glances. Many whispered behind their hands and many times it was questioned whether there would be more trouble.

Once the group gets to the docks, though, it becomes painfully obvious that they are not underappreciated everywhere. A boatman happily agrees to allow the team to ride across Lake Katmara for a fair price, complimenting them on freeing the town from ignorance of leadership. His human drawl is thick from a lack of education but his smile is genuine in his offer of a ride on his small fishing boat.

Masts up and the hull filled, they proceed across the Lake. The boatman, refusing to be called anything but “Ike”, told delightful and wholesome stories during the short voyage. He explains Lake Katmara was named after the heroine that conquered the wilderness which is now the Town of Berem. It was once a land filled with giants who proclaimed refuge in the shallow mountains and copses of trees, but that was easily a millenia ago.

He docks in a small fishing village on the direct opposite side of where Berem lay, his well wishes full of confidence as he leaves you on an empty dockside that is perched next to a small grouping of rocks. The land has trees dotted about the canyon side and the village seems small, but healthy.

Once he is well out of view, a whisper (DC Passive Perc 12) catches the hero’s ear just in time to catch “NOW”. A group of bandits, hiding beneath the dock’s pier, leap onto the wooden planks and brandish rusted scimitars and a rotting smile.

With the day nearly gone, and a hostile welcome, the team easily purges the town of those holding it hostage. Grateful townspeople ambush the team once the Bandit Captain is slain and they throw the corpses into the Lake, spitting where the splash ended.

The Village is called Eldath where their primarily income relies on good fishing and blessings from their namesake deity. Flags bearing a short waterfall dot every home, hut, and storefront throughout the village, perpetuating the insinuation that it is a humble missionary built village.

They are offered room and board for free because of the threat being taken care of.



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